Alpha Yacob Arsano [contact]

Alpha Yacob Arsano is a PhD student in Architecture and Building Technology at MIT and a researcher at the Sustainable Design Lab. Alpha is an Ethiopian architect with a great interest in maximizing passive building strategies in different climatic conditions. She studies the potential of natural ventilation in buildings, occupants thermal comfort and the effect of climate change in various climates around the globe.

Chloe Blazy

Chloe Blazy is a computer science major at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She has programming experience including web developement and cloud based computation. Chloe did her internship at Datawheel and is an undergraduate research fellow at the Sustainibale Desing Lab at MIT.

Christoph Reinhart

Christoph Reinhart is a building scientist and architectural educator working in the field of sustainable building design and environmental modeling. At MIT he is leading the Sustainable Design Lab, an inter-disciplinary group with a grounding in architecture that develops design workflows, planning tools and metrics to evaluate the environmental performance of buildings and neighborhoods.